BooklyBox – Unveiling!


My only experience with subscription boxes in the past have been with the popular vegan snack box, Vegan Cuts, and the ever popular YA book subscription, OwlCrate.  I ultimately ended up taking a break from both (a decision that definitely made my bank account happy).

Since I stopped my monthly OwlCrate delivery, I noticed an increase in monthly book subscription boxes – many that looked equally fantastic.  Although YA fiction holds a special place in my heart, I felt it was time to branch out and try a few other subscriptions to see what else was out there.

After some research, I decided to start with BooklyBox.  For $29.99 a month, BooklyBox ships a book (you get to choose the genre! And there’s flexibility in switching genres each month if that’s something that appeals to you) along with some other bookish items and tea.

The two additional aspects of BooklyBox that I think make it stand out as a monthly book subscription is that:

  1. each box purchased allows the organization to donate books to high poverty/high need areas around the world.  The box includes a card with information about the particular community that your purchase helped that month.  My September box focused on Beitbridge, Zimbabwe
  2. purchasing a subscription gives you access to entire online community through their website.  I’ve connected with other readers, can participate in a forum dedicated to the genre I subscribe to, and can essentially participate in an online book club each month!  The website also has added bonuses such as BooklyPal, an online version of penpal communication, and BooklyNights, an interactive movie night!


For my first box, I chose the Mystery genre.  My September box included:

  • Runaway by Peter May
  • A “feather” pen
  • A bookmark
  • 2 bags of Tazo tea (refresh mint and wild sweet orange)
  • A “field notes” small notepad

Overall, I am very happy with what BooklyBox has to offer and am definitely planning on continuing my subscription for as long as my bank account will allow! I’m looking forward to starting my new book and engaging in some online discussion as well!

For anyone interested in trying BooklyBox (which everyone definitely should!), use the discount code “PAGESANDPINTS” in order to receive 10% off!


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