Before This is Over


There is a deadly virus spreading around the world. At first it is a distant alarm bell in the background of Hannah’s comfortable suburban life. Then suddenly, it has arrived on the doorstep.

The virus traps Hannah, her husband, and their young sons in their city, then their neighborhood, and finally their own home. As a formerly idyllic backyard and quiet street become battlefields, fear and compassion collide. But what happens when their water supply is cut, and then the power, and the food supply dwindles?

Chilling and suspenseful, at once deeply personal and terrifying in its implications, Before This is Over invites us to imagine what a family must do to survive when pushed to the extreme.

Before This is Over by Amanda Hickie

Publication Date: March 28, 2017 by Little, Brown, and Company


My Thoughts:

I love books that deal with epidemics, plagues, post-apocalyptic environments, etc. and so I dove into Before This is Over with expectations that were maybe a little too high because what isn’t there to love about the premise of a global epidemic without a known cure?

I flew through the first half of the novel and created my own sense of anticipation as I kept waiting for something to happen. But NOTHING HAPPENED.

While I enjoyed Hickie’s writing style and found it initially very easy to become wrapped up in the suspense created by the narrator’s anxiety, I ultimately felt let down by the lack of action. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by prior reads like Philip Roth’s Nemesis or Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend”, or maybe I’ve just become too wrapped up in The Walking Dead, but Before This is Over just felt like being stuck in a household with a bunch of adults and several children whose mere presence made me want to bang my head against a wall.

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